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After My Twenty-Five Years Of Live Onstage Gigs and Sharing Concert Bills With National Acts Such As - Mudvayne, Quiet Riot, Chimaira, Slaughter, etc... Has Actually Put You In A Position To Win Big! You Now Have The Opportunity To Download All My Years Of BEST Methods Of Getting Killer Guitar Tone, In The Click Of A Mouse. You'll Save Hundreds Of Dollars And Years Of Testing.

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From: Robert Lee Molton
Re: How To Get Great Electric Guitar Tone


Dear Friend,

  • Are you sick and tired of watching other guitarists succeed with great tone and not you?
  • Have all the stompboxes, pickups, and other gadgets you've bought let you down every single time?
  • Do you feel that there has to be a better way to create killer guitar tone?
  • Are you finally ready to be truly informed about what it takes to get a great guitar sound?

If you've answered yes, then I know this next page is the page you've been waiting for. Finally, the curtain will be parted and you'll truly see the methods and techniques used to create killer electric guitar tone.

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